Clean software developement and innovative game design


Software developement and design

// Prototyping
// Full-stack project work
// Software co-developement
// Consultation

Game developement and design

// Prototyping
// Full design and developement


Joni Salmela

Software Development and system design

Mikko Lainio

Frontend, UX

Natasha Skult

Business Advisor

Mikael Perilä

Graphic designer

3D Artist


C.L.A.Y. is RPG roguelike post-apocalypse narrative drivengame. Story is placed in a far future where most of the surviving world has been under different effects of "clay" - an intelligent form of technology that can be used and shaped in whichever purpose acquired, uet incredibly dangerous if it gets used by wrong hands.

Planet Shock is a fast-paced asymmetric multiplayer shooter where the action resolves around cicular levels. Invade the planets, then choose your side and conquer them!

Sanalanka - Interactive Speech Therapy Tool is a gamification project for assisting young children that are attending speech therapy. We utilize newest gaming technology with speech therapy methods for specific needs of each individual client. More information can be found at


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Joni Salmela, CEO